The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

refinished-bathtubMost people carrying out home improvements are usually inclined more in making replacements when it comes to the bathroom other than settling on bathtub refinishing. However, with the current economic state as experienced throughout the world, very many people are reconsidering the choices that are available in making bathroom improvements with an aim of saving some money. Bathtub refinishing San Diego offers many benefits when compared to bathtub replacement as discussed further in this article.

Refinishing is much cheaper than replacing the whole bathtub.

Making a replacement may cost about $100, but when you include the cost of the contractors, the demolition and removal cost of the old tub, the budget rises to around $2500 which is expensive to most people. When one decides to refinish, however, it would only cost around $400 which is notably cheaper. When refinishing, the bathtub would need to be cleaned of scum and any dirt before it is sanded so that the surface may become a little rough for the primer to soak in well. After this, the bathtub is left to dry up before it is sanded again but a little lightly this time. Another coat of primer is added yet again then added the top coat. After application and drying each time, the bathtub is sanded lightly again. This is done three times while applying the top coat. After all this, one will be able to get a good bath which will look as good as new without having to spend a lot of money.

Bathtub refinishing helps in conserving the environment.

When carrying out bathtub refinishing, the baths and tiles do not get thrown out into the landfill which is a move that helps in saving the environment. There are very many assets coming from the environment when manufacturing new bathtubs and tiles too. If the demand for new tubs keeps on rising, the environmental assets used in homeowner they keep on diminishing. However, if everyone decides to settle on bathtub refinishing instead of buying new bathtubs for replacements, then the environmental assets are conserved.

From the discussed points, it is clear that bathtub refinishing saves money and also helps in conserving the environment which is both beneficial to the home owner. Instead of having to spend more money in buying a new bathtub and replacing the old one, it is much easier and smart to settle on carrying out bathtub refinishing and save some money while conserving the environment at the same time.