The Loose Nuts

Imagine being 18 years old. You're in a New York City ska/punk band called The Loose Nuts. In 1998, you've opened for such superstars as Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Reel Big Fish, and Goldfinger. You spent the end of the summer touring with Blink 182. You've sold thousands of dollars of merchandise. You've amassed more fans in one year than most bands do in a lifetime. You receive more fan mail and e-mail than you can handle. Everyone is actively anticipating the release of your first full-length album. Then, in October 1998, it happens' The Loose Nuts officially release Oh God, Help Our Fans!

The Loose Nuts' debut release on Gotham Records reflects the diversity of the band's members and represents their unique attitude and sense of humor. This energetic young band is made up of seven members: one girl and six guys. There's a horn section, a rhythm section, and some rather witty and entertaining vocals. Together, this sound sets The Loose Nuts apart from other Punk/Ska acts and makes them the most eclectic band in the world!

With lyrics that are a reflection of what it's like growing up in New York City, their songs use humor to prove a point. Throw this album on and see the instant appeal of The Loose Nuts. The reaction to their music was so profound that Universal Records decided to take their first single 'Wishen' and release it on the motion picture soundtrack to the hit film, American Pie. The Loose Nuts were the only indie band to appear on the soundtrack, and are among acts such as Sugar Ray, Blink 182, and Tonic. This group was also invited to play many dates on the VANS Warped Tour!

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